As long as there are exams, there will be cheaters. Standardized exams naturally involve valuable, sensitive material. Because of the potentially high risk of a breach to sensitive material, exam security must be a paramount concern for any testing agency, credentialing body, or any other stakeholder in standardized testing. Typically, cheating begins with small behaviors that go undetected and escalate through time.

We “Roman Networks Pvt. Ltd.” are the First Indian company Providing Exam Security solution having all India Network . We Provide Bug / Metal Detector, CCTV Solution, Biometric Solution, Videography and Collaboration for Mobile Jammer with Govt. Permission.

ROMAN is a technologically advanced and extremely progressive firm. We provide comprehensive, professional investigations and loss prevention services to government agencies, organizations, companies, law firms and corporations nationwide.

Our firm provides the expertise and investigative discipline needed to effectively meet our clients’ needs. Through our staff, networks and associations, we are able to serve our clients locally and nationally.

For Exam Security we are providing following Services…

Ø  Frisking-: We Provide Bug Detector / Metal Detector for the time of frisking because of this Device any type of Bug or Metal Device can be checked.

Ø  Mobile Jammer-: We Provide Mobile Jammer for blocking all Mobile and wifi Signals like GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, Wifi and Bluetooth.

Ø  CCTV Security -: By CCTV Security we can see and record live view of Exam Centre.

Ø  Videography:- Videography of Candidates, Examination Centre and Examination hall.

Ø  Baggage/ Mobile Management for candidates-: To Setup counter for methodical deposit and return of bags and mobile phone/other belongings/ valuable of the candidates at the entrance of the examination center.

Ø  Biometric Attendance Solution: We Provide Biometric Attendance Solution for Exam Purpose.


Our Major Completed Projects-:

CBSE- AIPMT EXAM-: We have Provided Security Solution in CBSE AIPMT Exam which was held on 25th July 2015. In this Exam we have Provided Hand Held Metal Detector and Mobile Jammer. In this Exam Approx 7.5 Lack Student was appeared.


CBSE- CTET EXAM-: We have Provided Security Solution CBSE CTET Exam which was held on 20thSeptember  2015. In this Exam we have Provided Hand Held Metal Detector.  In this Exam Approx 9 Lack Student was appeared



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