Mobile Phone Jammer

As long as there are exams, there will be cheaters. Standardized exams naturally involve valuable, sensitive material. Because of the potentially high risk of a breach to sensitive material, exam security must be a paramount concern for any testing agency, credentialing body, or any other stakeholder in standardized testing. Typically, cheating begins with small behaviors that go undetected and escalate through time.

ROMAN is a technologically advanced and extremely progressive firm. We provide comprehensive, professional investigations and loss prevention services to government agencies, organizations, companies, law firms and corporations nationwide.

Our firm provide the expertise and investigative discipline needed to effectively meet our clients’ needs. Through our staff, networks and associations, we are able to serve our clients locally and nationally .

Roman possesses a fundamental awareness and understands how deleterious the consequences of cheating can be for standardized examination programs. A progressive approach is used for each case to ensure that we obtain the most reliable results required for each of our clients, in the most cost effective manner possible.

The foundation of Roman is made of security experience and expertise, and the company successfully provides comprehensive measures that standardized examination programs sensitive to the issue know they need. We at ESS are proud of our track record and continued successes. ESS is one of the few firms specializing in customized exam security, loss prevention, personnel screening, and training services for professional certification and credentialing bodies.

Another point of pride is our awareness of the changing ways people try to cheat on exams or steal content. The cost of security breaches to testing programs can be enormous, in the short and long terms. As such, ROMAN continuously develops and implements new measures and technologies designed to thwart the constant cheating efforts so that we can protect clients from the havoc that can happen.

ROMAN is uniquely qualified to provide a level of support needed to enhance the security of examination or other secure materials. Roman provides a wide variety of services, whether you are in need of screening staff or a total solution.

For Exam Security we are providing following Services… 
Bug Detector / Metal Detector-: We Provide Bug Detector / Metal Detector for the time of Frisking because of this Device any type of Bug or Metal Device can be checked.

Mobile Jammer-: We Provide Mobile Jammer for blocking all Mobile and wifi Signals like GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, Wifi and Bluetooth.

CCTV Security -: By CCTV Security we can see and record live view of Exam Centre.


CBSE-: We have Successfully Completed the project of Supply and Installation of 4260 Bug Detector / Metal Detector and Mobile Jammer for 65000 student for AIPMT 2015 Exam in PAN india.

India oil Corporation Ltd.-: We have Provided Mobile Jammer in Indian oil Corporation Ltd. (Gurgaon) for Exam Purpose.